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EXCUSERCISE(Definition): The (ir) rational, yet real, psychological, sociological, physiological, environmental, or spiritual barriers/reasons/excuses individuals employ to avoid participation in unstructured physical activity or structured exercise.

 EXCUSERCISE knows what it takes to help you adhere to your desired health behavior change (health fitness conditioning, performance fitness conditioning, weight management, stress management, mental toughness).  We know because we have conducted pioneering research into what separates those who exercise regularly from those who relapse back into sedentary style.  We know what key programming factors/skills (self-efficacy, intrinsic motivation and relapse prevention) need to be present in order to enhance adherence and successful goal attainment.  We assess, teach and employ these skills in order to help you reach your health, fitness and performance goals.  EXCUSERCISE is where physiology meets psychology- helping you to exterminate those excuses.

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