What's Your Excuse for not reaching your health, fitness, or performance goals?




APPEARING SOON................

Well,  if your favorite excuse for missing your exercise sessions is "I don't know what to wear!" .....worry no more!  We'll put your favorite excuse on the front of a workout shirt, strategies to overcome them on the back.  You provide the sweatitude and beat back that excuse into submission.  Now that's mental and physical toughness at its optimum!


The book you've all been waiting for...........

EXCUSERCUSE: 50 Great Excuses for not Exercising and the Strategies for Overcoming Them

......the book with all the answers to counter your excuses (more politely put - your "perceived barriers").  Look for it's publication in late 2004.  A perfect gift for the exercise beginner, the Relapser, and those helping others to maintain their fitness program.  Get it before you start your next exercise resolution!  Co-written with the Mighty Mike (aka Dr. Michael Sachs), professor extraordinaire from Temple University.


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