Health Practitioners  
What's Your Excuse for not reaching your health, fitness, or performance goals?




Many practitioners (doctors, therapists, trainers, coaches)  provide their clients with effective and efficient sessions.  Unfortunately, client health goal progression is often derailed and curtailed by inadequate compliance to home or self care as once per week sessions will only afford minimal change.  Clients need to be educated as to how they can effectively and efficiently include physical activity, proper nutrition, stress and wellness management into their daily lives. 

Let EXCUSERCISE help you retain your clients by:

bulletidentifying the psychosocial motives, perceived barriers, self-efficacy, and mental skills they need to turn initial healthy behavior adoption into long-term adherence and goal attainment.
bulletidentifying their physiological fitness in terms of strength, endurance, flexibility and body composition for purposes of benchmarking program effectiveness and proper program starting/progression levels.
bulletdeveloping relapse prevention strategies, and periodized programming that allow for timely program adaptations reflecting desired progression.

Let EXCUSERCISE help you predict those clients who are at greater risk of becoming a Relapser - an individual who drops out of their intended healthy behavior change program. 

bulletProper identification will allow practitioners and managers to effectively and efficiently allocate staffing, time, and resources.
bulletProvision of targeted relapse prevention strategies designed to counter perceived barriers, will improve self-efficacy and help move clients into long-term maintenance where they can achieve their health and fitness goals by virtue of increased adherence.   

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