What's Your Excuse for not reaching your health, fitness, or performance goals?





The relapse prevention strategies that EXCUSERCISE innovatively employ are based on pioneering scientific research conducted by Dr. Bruce Cohen.  Dr. Cohen's research results on exercise health behavior change can be found at EXCUSERCISE.ORG. The web site reviews Dr. Cohen's research comparing the psychosocial characteristics (motives, perceived barriers, stage of readiness, and self-efficacy) of individuals who relapse from regular exercise to those who maintain regular exercise patterns.  The site also reviews various health behavior change models and theories while offering strategies to overcome the most popular of perceived exercise barriers, a.k.a. "excuses."  Dr. Cohen's assessment of these psychosocial determinants are combined with an individual's physiological (health history, exercise history, current fitness level) parameters to produce realistic, safe, effective and efficient exercise programming.


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